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The LTC - Charity Run

One of the lessons we all had to learn last year is that the world is ever-changing. And the LTC Rallye is no exception. Some of you may remember running through the Lahoe-Park and racking up rounds for a good cause. Sadly, this won’t be possible for this year’s LTC Rallye. But we have prepared a completely new challenge for this year’s LTC Rallye:


First of all, you can participate not only by running, but in the sport that you are most passionate about. And you can do so from anywhere in the world. Depending on the locally applicable COVID-19 rules, you may even team up with your friends and tackle the LTC-Rallye together, maybe even in a homemade parkour. In fact, the Israeli teens are running in a course specially prepared for the occasion.

To participate in the LTC-Rallye remotely, you will have to download the Runtastic App and joyn the LTC-Rallye-Group. This way we can see how many miles you ran, biked, canoed, or rode on your horse.


Also, you may choose to participate in a somewhat unique sport, like climbing or diving. In those cases, you might tell your sponsors to rather sponsor you per minute than per kilometer.

You can also partake in the Rallye with an activity that neither time nor distance can measure, e.g. power training. In these cases, please, agree on an individual sponsoring measure, like the number of sit-ups or push-ups with your sponsors.

You want to get an impression of the LTC-Rallye or just get an idea how to dress up? Check out our Rallye-Videos on LTC YouTube Channel.


LoveLived - What are YOU running for?

All proceedings of the LTC Rallye 2021 will go to two organizations that strive to kindle or (re-)fuel the faith of young people in Jesus Christ: Yuval and HaTikvah Families.


Yuval is the only messianic center for music and the arts in Israel. Its mission is to see believers in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) reaching their full potential, to help them grow and become stronger in their skills in order to become leaders. Yuval’s approach is centered on the tenet that true worship is a matter of the heart - the attitude with which we live our lives to God - and as such should permeate everything we do. Particular attention is paid to the younger generation of believers who are being encouraged and equipped to use their gifts in a local church and evangelism to shine the light of Yeshua. For more information please visit


The second organization, HaTikva Families, was founded to take on the challenging situation in which many orphans and vulnerable children find themselves in. They believe caring for orphans and vulnerable children is a mandate for the global Body of Christ, and thus, encourage the Israeli Body of Messiah to take a leading role in this effort.

While there are many children in need of foster care or adoption, yet only a few find a safe place. Oftentimes, it is a great challenge to care for highly endangered and traumatized children. To address this issue, HaTikva Families is educating individuals and families. Your sponsoring will fund the professional training in dealing with traumatized children for some of the parents. For more information please visit 


To support your search for sponsors, we have prepared two documents. The first letter is for your sponsors and gives an idea about the causes they are invited to support. And the second is a table that allows you to forward us a list of your sponsors and how they are contributing.

Please, send us the list with your sponsors to



List of Sponsers



To participate in the LTC-Rallye remotely, you will have to download an app. This way we can see how many miles you ran, biked, canoed, or rode on your horse.


Please let us know how you are participating in the LTC Rallye. The easiest way to do so is via Instagram. Simply post with the following hashtags: #LTC2021  #LTCRallye2021 or via WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram (+49 1575 0379077). This is also the preferred way to send proof of completion of quests, for which you can win prizes. 



Speaking of quests: we will have the same as in the past years but also some new ones. This means you can win LTC T-Shirts and pullovers for completing the following quests:

> Most sponsors

>  Longest distance

> Most unique sport

> Fanciest costume

> And many more


List of Quests and Prizes


You can send us photos or video evidence via the channels mentioned above.


Dateigröße 230 KB (PDF)

Download the Sponsoring Letter here

Dateigröße 206 KB (PDF)

Download List of Sponsors here

Dateigröße 197 KB (PDF)

Download the List of Quests and Prizes here


Get Active

We want to hear from you. How do you plan to participate? Do you want to dress up? Or do you have a question or two or more? 

Also, we appreciate your feedback!



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