LTC Music

Music has a special place in the joint praise of the Lord. Every year , a song is written specifically for the LTC (Life Through Christ) - matching the title of the respective LTC.

For the past two LTCs Jael S. Kalisher & Irit Barrett have written the respective title songs:  “ROOTED” and “HERE I AM”  


Some of you have been worshiping Jael at LTC for the past few years. This will also be the case in LTC2021, this year Jael and Irit wrote the theme song as well: WE LIVE TODAY.

With this song they take on this year's topic Christ in You - Our Hope of Glory.

We Live Today


ROOTED calls us to deepen our roots in God our Father, His Word, His Son and to claim His infinite love for themselves.

Therefore, this song is an encouragement (and a challenge) to all who listen to it to put their trust in the LORD and to be rooted in HIM.



HERE AM I (LTC 2019) focuses on our relationship between believers and God the Father and calls on us to come before our LORD in a grateful and humble attitude and to let HIM send us.

May we all be filled with a childlike faith that leads to listening, trusting and obeying, because HE who we love is worthy.



Jael is a native Israeli and daughter to Jewish-German parents. She has always had an ear for music, studied piano as a teen, and picked up guitar and percussion over the years. Jael’s deepest passion and desire are for God’s children to learn what worship really is, and by reverence, resilience, and uncompromising faith - be challenged to step up, find their calling and destiny, and become the leaders of tomorrow.


We have put together a playlist with which you can get yourself in the mood for LTC - Christ in YOU - Our Hope of Glory.


To the Spotify Playlist

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Download the Music Sheet for We Live Today here

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Download the Music Sheet for Rooted here

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Download the Music Sheet for Here I Am here


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